• The Consumer Goes To Your Dealership Website
  • The Consumer Clicks On The Instant Credit Approval Link and Is SECURELY Linked To An Interactive Data Entry Screen
  • Using A Combination Of Audio, Video and Text Messaging, The Consumer Is Prompted To Begin Entering Their Information
  • Data Security Is Stressed Frequently To Increase Consumer Comfort With The Credit Approval Process
  • The Submitted Information Is Compared Against Their Credit Score And Supplied Information and Matched Against Your Approval Guidelines
  • If Accepted, The Consumer Is Instantly Given Confirmation That Credit Was Pre-Approved And Asked To Provide Additional Loan Information
  • Once All Information Is Collected, Notification Of The Transaction Is Sent To Your Dealership For Follow Up
  • You Contact The Consumer, Offer Your Price, Arrange For A Test Drive, Finalize The Financing & Close The Sale
  • They Shop & Buy .. You Get The Sale And Get The Loan Too
  • It's That Simple!!!
  • Best Of All ... Your Low Monthly Cost For This Valuable Service Will More Than Pay For Itself On The First Deal Made!!!

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